Episode 255: Lessons from Outliers: Horses not on the ‘traditional’ path

This episode, Stacy answers a listener’s question about working with ‘outliers’. Outliers are horses with unique needs or circumstances. Stacy shares insights from working with outlier horses, those not following the traditional training path.
There are many valuable things that can be learned from a traditional or standard paths, which also helps us define outliers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Regularly plant tiny seeds in training.
  • Keep requests small and rewards clear.
  • Maintain a high success ratio.
  • Adapt training to unique outlier situations.
  • Seek similarities in behavior and thinking across different scenarios.
  • Encourage horses to ‘offer’ answers for better results.

Stacy highlights that many of us, both humans and horses, fall into the outlier category due to various factors. She also draws parallels between training outliers and preparing for performance situations, emphasizing the need to be a keen detective in identifying and addressing issues. This approach benefits performance horses and is essential for outliers.

Links mentioned:Kyle Maynard: The Power of Failure (YouTube)


  1. Nancy Donckers on October 15, 2023 at 11:07 pm

    The Outliers podcast offered me encouragement with my shut down horse, and confirmation that the progress we have made on our relationship is a true accomplishment. For the past 2+ years I have worked with him on the relationship, and regularly planted seeds even when I could not ‘progress’ to in the saddle work. We began riding about a week ago. What I wasn’t truly prepared for was when he hung on to the anxiety. So having the podcasts to listen to have bolstered my confidence to continue with the riding, as they offer so many good suggestions that I can implement with hopes he will learn to be as comfortable as he has become during handling on the ground.
    Thank you so very much!

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