Episode 231-Groundwork: earning the right to be in each other’s space

Today, I’m answering a question that came in about my philosophy of ‘earning the right to be in each other’s space.”
The caller explains that she understands the concept as it applies to a pushy horse having to earn the right to enter her space. She is curious about how this concept applies to timid or fearful horses.
Other concepts discussed include:
– a horse being distracted or not interested is discussed as a separate issue from earning the right to be in each other’s space.
– how curiosity impacts both the pushy and the timid horse
– the importance of training the emotional state
– fight/flight/freeze
– the problem with being sneaky
– the importance of showing up in the same energy that you would if you were riding a horse you were confident on.
– timid horses are drawn to powerful energy

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  1. Rosalía on April 25, 2023 at 8:12 am

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It has been very moving!

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