Stacy & Jesse Westfall

Let's ride together...

Are you achieving the results you've been dreaming of with your horse?

Or are you unclear about the training process...or frustrated by training information that seems conflicting?

At Westfall Horsemanship, Jesse and I train horses from the very first ride all the way to high-level competition. This demonstrates our full view of the horse training process. We have been successful in multiple disciplines, and have shown that our methods produce longevity and versatility.

This, combined with our ability to teach and explain, is what makes our clinics unique. We can explain the full process, identify where you are stuck and give you exercises to advance you and your horse.  We welcome people who have been learning for years as well as those who are newer. Our only request is that you come with an open mind, lots of questions and a desire to advance. 


2021 Clinics!

Do you wish you could attend a clinic where you were guaranteed one-on-one interaction with the instructor?

Stacy is offering a limited number of semi-private clinics this summer. You and one other person for two days of instruction. 

Click the application button to see available dates or click the 'learn more' button for more information.

Limited space available. Email with questions or to suggest additional dates.

Build a Foundation for a Lifetime

A solid foundation is key to both safety and advancing. The first hour of the clinic will be  an evaluation of you and your horse.  Both groundwork and ridden work will be evaluated and we will discuss your goals.  

The reminder of the clinic will be dedicated to showing you any weak spots in your horses foundation as well as areas for advancement. You will leave with new insights and a plan for the next exercises you should be working on. 

Learn to Advance with Excellence

Do you wish you could advance your horsemanship to a higher level for either personal or professional reasons?

With a class size of only two, there is time and opportunity to go deeper into high-level horse training. If you are ready to learn more about spins, lead changes, half pass and more...your in the right place!

In addition to offering Advancing Clinics at her location in Ohio, Stacy is also offering 'Advancing at Home-Private Training'. This is a great opportunity to change your habits where you created home. Or to have Stacy coach you on the way to your next show! Click here to learn more.


Testimonials from Clinic Participants

We specialize in small group clinics with your specific goals in mind. Read more about Martina and Ashley's experiences!

At every Westfall Horsemanship clinic you’ll learn the theories behind horse training and how to put your knowledge to work. We believe studying horses is a life-long journey and the best teachers are horses themselves…most humans just need a translator. Join us to further you knowledge of horses, and remember that with knowledge, consistency, and time, you can make your dreams with horses come true!

“Stacy has a superb teaching style of being able to demonstrate her techniques as she talks and to apply what she talks about to all of our horses keeping it interesting.  She has a simplistic approach to her techniques so that non experts like myself can grasp the concept fairly easily.  I liked the fact that she made us take notes and had us discuss our notes in the end.  It made us better students and forced me to stay organized with my thoughts.  I am very impressed.  Stacy’s one-on-one style made me feel comfortable and I never felt intimidated by her during the week even though her talents are amazing.” Marti

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