Weekday Semi-Private Clinics

Two-day clinics limited to two people.

Join Stacy and one other person for a semi-private clinic experience.

You and one other person will receive two days of instruction directly from Stacy.

*Two full days of instruction

*Custom to your needs

*Unlimited access to Stacy

*Opportunity to work on both foundation and advancing skills

*Cost: $1,500

Reasons to invest in yourself

Leap forward in your learning by investing in yourself. The time and money you invest now will pay you back over time in many ways.

*Increased confidence

*Increased safety

*Less dependence on horse trainers as you can train your horses yourself

*Increased enjoyment & satisfaction

When are the clinics?

Please click on the box below to see the dates that are available. If you see a date, please fill out the form to apply!

If you do NOT see a date that works for you please consider the Advancing at Home Private Lesson with Stacy.

Additional Opportunity: 

Check out Stacy's signature course, The Complete Guide to Steering & Neck Reining. This would be an excellent course to purchase and study before you arrive. It is also highly recommended as follow up material.

This course was designed to show you the layers of training from the first ride through neck reining and is structured for you to easily reference specific sections at any time.

Consider it your college text book for advancing your horse and your understanding.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q-How do I secure the date I want?

A- Email westfallhorsemanship@gmail.com with your name, the date you would like to secure and any questions you may have. A team member will get back with you and confirm your request. You will then be emailed an invoice for a $500.00 deposit. When paid this deposit secures your date. The remaining balance of $1,000 is due 60 days prior to your clinic.

Q- Where will the clinic be held? Where will I stay?

A- We live in a beautiful area on the back side of Mohican State Park. This link will show you the best address to use when planning your trip. Please visit this page for directions.

There are many choices for lodging during the clinic. Please click here to read more about lodging options during your clinic as well as places to stay with your horse if you decide to extend your stay in the area.


Q-Do I need to book a hotel?

A- Your horse will stay here during the clinic but we do not have housing available here. This link will show you options for hotel or camping sites nearby.

Q-Is my deposit or clinic fee refundable?

A-Your fees are not refundable but they are transferable to another date or another student should you or your horse become injured and unable to attend. Please contact us if this unfortunate event happens to you!