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"As a hobby, about five years ago, I started to show my horses in reining.  My mom knew of my dream to train a prospect, and she bought me a nice little gelding.

I took multiple lessons a week from highly respected professionals in a couple of disciplines, including reining, for five years.  Although positive, these experiences left me no closer to my goal.  I actually found myself discouraged and lacking in confidence in my abilities.   With my new prospect, very early on I was told, “You’re going to have to put him in training.”  And that was exactly what I didn’t want to do.  I was tired of being trainer dependent.

Not having a program – a method – was a problem.  I was taking hundreds of lessons a year, but they didn’t build on each other or have an overarching vision.  And I had so many aimless tools.  If something came up I’d think, “This tool might work.  That’s what they say it’s for.  But wait; doesn’t it contradict what I just taught him?  Why would I want to do that?”  

I used to watch Stacy’s video with Roxy that she dedicated to her father.  I’d watch it every day and just start bawling. I don’t exactly know why, but it was the most beautiful connection.  It’s what everyone who loves horses aspires to – to be one with the animal. It was what I wanted and was so far from.

I never looked into her training methods, though, until my friend saw her clinic series online.  She sent me the link and it was exactly what I’d been praying for – a program to teach HOW to train the horse.  

Now, thanks to Stacy, I have the knowledge to take a horse and reasonably teach it a lot.  I also have confidence in my ability.  Before, I thought that I had no “feel” and so I was just doomed.  Stacy gives you exercises that allow you to learn feel. 

I’m now an independent problem solver.  I think it’s because in Stacy’s clinics she first gives the big concepts, and then incorporates them into multiple scenarios.  When you watch her do this enough, you learn to do the same thing.  

I have a new mindset with my horses.  I always knew that horses learn by the release of pressure.  But I wasn’t really employing it across the board.  I recognize now that horses aren’t being defiant.  They’re just asking questions.  I’ve learned to embrace that conversation and allow them to take part in their learning process. 

I still have to think my way through things, but the knowledge and skills I’ve gained from working with Stacy have put me much closer to achieving my dreams  . . . and enjoying the journey."

-Ashley Hermann   

Ashley Hermann
Martina Brown
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"My 18-year-old mare, Hildy, loves to go FAST.  For a long time I tried on my own to slow her down and get her to relax.  I took her to coaches, and they mostly concluded, though they didn’t come right out and say it, that she wasn’t going to change.  Then I discovered Stacy.

Like so many people, I first found out about Stacy through her bareback/bridleless video.  I don’t compete or show horses, but having a relationship with my horse, like Stacy has with hers, really appealed to me.  When I found out she was not that far away, I signed up for one of her clinics.

The things I learned from Stacy have improved my horsemanship tremendously.  I used to get so aggravated and mad wondering, “Why isn’t this working?  What’s going on?”  Now sometimes I laugh because I can see my horse thinking.  She may not do the right thing, but I can tell, because she’s looking at me like, “Did I just mess up?  What is it that you want me to do?”

People tell me I’m so calm, now.  It’s because I now have a new mindset and some knowhow to deal with tricky situations that come up.  

Stacy is an authentic, down-to-earth person who is sincerely concerned about making sure her clients are learning what they came to learn.  We had step-by-step instructions throughout the day and one-to-one talks at the end of each day where she checked off all of the points we were to work on that day.

  She doesn’t mind being asked, “Why?”  In fact she encourages questions and is always explaining why she does what she does. 

As for Hildy, she’s figured out how to slow down.  And an added bonus, I can now ride her with one hand.  That had always been a goal of mine, but I could never figure it out, and besides, I needed the strength of both hands to slow her down.   Stacy showed me how to adjust the reins to transition to single-handed riding.  

These days, when something’s not working, I literally ask myself, “What would Stacy do?”  The things I’ve learned kick in – reward the slightest try, break big things into small steps, have a plan, and try to figure out what the horse is thinking.  With the exercises I learned at the clinics, her blogs on so many topics, and her online videos, I now have the confidence to move ahead independently." -Martina Brown 

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