Choosing a halter for your horse


In this quick video, I want to show you four halters you would find if you walked into my barn. You would find:
* leather halters (adjustable and non adjustable)
* quick catch halter (fits many sizes, good for quickly leading)
* nylon halter (adjustable and non adjustable)
* rope halter (more narrow, more clear signal)

I also recorded a podcast on this subject. Click here to find it. 

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To learn more or to purchase these items please follow these links:

Quick catch halter on Amazon:

Quick catch halter at Stagecoach West (code ‘Stacy’ for 15% off entire order)

Rope halter on Amazon-Weaver Leather Stacy Westfall Rope Halter, Medium, Black with Blue Nose:

Rope halter at Stagecoach West (code ‘Stacy’ for 15% off entire order)

Amazon-Weaver Leather Stacy Westfall Stick and String:

Amazon-Weaver Leather Stacy Westfall Training Rope-

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