Were there challenges with the foals not learning body language from their mothers?

“Were there challenges with Presto missing some basic body language cues that he would have learned from his mother? Did he have a friend to run and play with or another horse to learn from?”

It was very interesting to watch Presto and Justice as they met the older horses. In this video, you can see them meeting our other horses for the first time through the fence.
You can also see many other things if you watch closely.
*Watch Presto compared to Justice.
*Watch how much more Justice interacts. He approaches Willow, stretches his neck and does the ‘baby talk’ submissive mouth that foals do to signal they are not a threat.

Presto does none of that.

In fact, in another video, Presto shows more interest in the chickens than the other horses!
I think it is interesting that Presto was taken from his mother at days old vs Justice who was weeks old. I believe this accounts for much of the difference. It also doesn’t help that Presto was very sick for much of the first month of his life.

Last Chance Corral has been rescuing foals like this for many years. Most foals are adopted out in pairs. You can see how Presto and Justice pair up much like a mare and foal would. Last Chance has figured out that they foals stay much healthier when they have a buddy.

When Last Chance Corral adopts out foals one of the agreements you make is that you will not turn the foals out with older horses until they are four months old. This is for the safety of the foals who ask different questions later on.
Many horses would not appreciate a foal attempting to nurse on them…and with no mare around to say otherwise, it is a risk that is not worth taking.

I’ll be doing more updates as I continue posting that will go deeper into the interactions I saw as Presto and Justice were introduced to the older horse. For now, please enjoy the foals meeting the horses…and the horses meeting the foals!

I’ll post a photo in the comments that I find very funny. When you watch the video I mention that the first full-size horse shown is named Willow. Check out the photo (in comments below) of Presto standing beside Willow now!
I’ve owned Presto now for four years. He has grown so much and I’m finally ready to start sharing his adventures
What questions do you have for me?
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