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Posts by Stacy Westfall

Episode 5: The Four Stages of Competency

There are four stages of competency when riding your horse. I first read about these on an article in Dressage Today. The first stage is unconscious incompetence. The second stage is conscious incompetence. The third stage is conscious competence. The fourth  stage is unconscious competence. I talk about what these stages mean to riders and…

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Episode 4: Responsibility & Accountability

In episode 3, I talked about the three stages that riders go through in their horsemanship journey. I also discussed a little bit about responsibility. In today’s part 2, I’m diving a little deeper into how I think responsibility and accountability fit into the three stages. Subscribe and never miss an episode! (I listen in…

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Episode 3: Responsibility and The Stages of Learning

The topic of responsibility is going to be a two-part series. In this first part, I’m going to talk about the stages that riders actually go through when they are learning with horses. The three stages riders go through are the dreaming stage, the learning stage, and the balanced stage. Learn how to understand which…

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Episode 2: Leadership vs Getting Along

Today’s podcast topic walks the line between the mental idea of leadership versus the physical execution of leadership. I’m tempted to talk about the physical side of this topic, but season one is about the mental side. I want to break everything down into the four-quadrant model, so we can get clarity before we put…

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Team Lia the Haflinger

I joined a team last weekend. A good friend invited me to play. I’ve never agreed to anything like this before and as I told my husband, “It makes me excited and nervous.” My day planner also said I should do something that scares me…so I said yes.  Yes, I will show a horse I…

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