3 mistakes with western shanked bits

In this video, I show three common mistakes people make when adjusting shanked bits.

I also show several features of western shanked bits (also known as leverage bits).

This includes a demonstration of the purpose of a throatlatch as well as the proper adjustment. I show why adjusting the throatlatch too tight can be a problem for the horse.

Chin straps can be adjusted too tight or too loose, both of which cause problems. I share the way I adjust my chinstraps.

I also describe parts of a western shanked bit including the shank, the mouthpiece, the purchase and those mystery loops that are on some bits. Those extra rings, or loops, beside the bit are so that the shanked bit can be changed to a non-leverage bit.

I describe what loose shanks and fixed shanks are and how to identify the difference.

I hope this video helps you understand the adjustments and parts of a western shanked bit.

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