Western Dressage at Westfall Horsemanship


I'll keep updating this page as I hear from Ida.

She was scheduled to arrive Thursday. Her first flight from Vermont was cancelled. They kept rescheduling her and cancelling. After the final flight out cancelled she drove her car to New York for a 6am flight Friday morning.

The six am flight just cancelled.

I'm reaching out to riders scheduled on Friday to determine what is possible.

So far Saturday and Sunday are not affected.

I did not advertise for auditors (a few were coming with riders) but if you mentioned to anyone that auditors were allowed, please contact them and let them not to come Friday. 


Lessons with Ida Norris: Friday, March 18th and Saturday, March 19th

Here is your opportunity to learn directly from one of the judges for the 2022 Western Dressage World Show!

About Ida Norris

In traditional dressage and western dressage the judges are rated and must work their way up through the levels.

Here is a quick overview of the rating levels in traditional dressage:

  • “L” graduates-learning
  • “r” (“recorded” or “small r”)—licensed to judge through Second Level
  • “R” (“registered” or “large R”)—licensed to judge through Fourth Level
  • “S” (“senior”)—licensed to judge through Grand Prix at national level.
Ida Norris is an 'S' judge in traditional dressage as well as 'R' in western dressage. Currently 'R' is the highest designation offered in WD.

She also trains, competes and coaches FEI dressage thru Grand Prix. She grew up riding western and in addition to showing and judging western dressage, she serves on three WDAA committees.

Riding to a highly qualified judge is an amazing opportunity. The more qualified the judge is, the more experience they have. Schooling shows often employ judges who are at an entry level which keeps costs down and allows the judges to gain more experience. Riding for a highly qualified judge improves the quality of the feedback AND you benefit from their years of experience. (Plus, did you know that in traditional dressage the judge has to have shown at the level they judge?)

Ida Norris

Riding & Auditing

Dates: March 18 & 19, 2022.

Time: 8am-5pm. Riders and auditors may begin arriving at 7:30 am. Lessons are 45 minutes each. 

Lunch break is 12-1 daily. After eating Ida is willing to answer auditor questions during this time.

Riders spot- SOLD OUT. If you are interested in riding, email me to be added to the wait list.

Auditing- $30 per person at event.

Auditors please bring:

✅-your own chair

✅- snacks or lunch

❌ Please do not record riders without their written permission.

WD Ida Schedule

Local Food Options: 

We don't offer food for purchase on site, however Loudonville is about a 10 minute drive. Here are some food options in Loudonville:


We love the sandwiches at the Mohican Country Market.
We love the sandwiches at the Mohican Country Market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Where is Westfall Horsemanship? 

A- We live in a beautiful area on the back side of Mohican State Park. The cell phone service is spotty so PLEASE check your directions before you lose signal.

The most accurate way to find us is to search 'Westfall Horsemanship' in your GPS. Please visit this page for directions.

Q-What hotels are nearby?

A-This area is popular with tourists so there are many places to stay. You'll find spots listed on Air BnB.

Click here to read more about lodging options during your clinic as well as places to stay with your horse!

Q- My horse might be pretty excited in a new location. Can I arrive early and work my horse?

A- You may enter the arena a few minutes early. The rider taking the lesson will have the right of way at all times.

Q-Can riders watch other riders taking their lesson?

A- Yes. Riders may hang out and watch other riders. Please be aware that when you are not riding your horse must be loaded back in your trailer unless you purchased a stall (stalls are limited, email if you may require one).

Q- I’m traveling from a distance, can I arrive early or the day before?

A- Yes, you can arrive early. Stalls are not being provided to each horse as these are structured more like lessons. If you want to arrive the day before and purchase the use of a stall please email with your specific needs. Stalls are very limited. 

Q-I’m working off my trailer. Where should I park?

A- The driveway here is continuous so trucks and trailers can pull through without the need to turn around. When you arrive, pull up near the trailer in front of you and come into the arena. Look for Jesse or Stacy for more instructions. If you plan to stay and watch, please let us know so we can park you in a location to allow other trailers past.