About this clinic:

The Advancing Clinic series is designed for people who want to achieve an advanced understanding of training and maneuvers for either personal or professional growth.

This will allow you to ride with us multiple times, with breaks in between where you return home and practice what you have been taught. We have used this method over the years with astounding results. Our students have not only advanced in their learning, they have also proven themselves in the show-pen winning at major events. Many of them have competed and won…without bridles!

Advancing with Excellence Clinic

If your goals involve consistently advancing your knowledge of horse training and you enjoy and benefit from Stacy's teaching style, this clinic could be a perfect fit.

Whether you are starting a colt, advancing a horse's general training, competing at a mustang makeover, a competitive trail challenge, ranch riding, western dressage or freestyle reining this clinic series might be right for you.

Our small clinic size and custom clinic structure means we can focus directly on the next step you need to advance your understanding and achieve more with your horse.

We have coached people to high levels in multiple disciplines. We have had students win year-end belt buckles, saddles, regional titles, national championships and freestyle reining. We have had several students compete and win at a national level…bridleless! 

Is this clinic right for you?

This clinic will be a great fit for you if:

  • You are interested in riding with us multiple times 
  • You can commit to returning to Loudonville, Ohio 
  • You believe high-level training can be achieved while still being a compassionate trainer
  • You would like the opportunity to ride one of our trained horses
  • You would like to bring more than one horse 
  • You have a desire to advance in the following areas:
    • lead departures & flying lead changes
    • spins, neck reining, steering
    • sliding stops
    • rollbacks
    • bridleless riding
    • colt starting (this is not an accident, colt starting is advanced training)

Where will it be held?

The clinics will be held at our location in Ohio. Please click here to read more about directions, lodging options during your clinic as well as places to stay with your horse if you decide to extend your stay in the area. 

What is the cost? 

The person who is interested in this clinic should consider that they will be learning the skills of a professional horse trainer. In this mindset, you should be looking at this as continuing education. Even if you choose not to become a professional horse trainer, you WILL save money because you will be training your horses yourself instead of paying someone else to train them.

I would encourage you to think of this as an investment, not as a cost.

If you would like to compare this cost to other programs offered, you can compare this to other clinicians 'certification programs'. 

Each two-day session is $1,500 per person. Sessions may be scheduled at intervals that fit your goals.

What is included?

  • Highly personalized instruction with Stacy Westfall
    • Includes clinic, stall, bedding, access to Stacy's Video Vault, notebook, daily one-on-one recap with Stacy of what you have learned & exercises you should be practicing
    • Includes one phone call/video review between sessions
    • One to one coaching during clinic
    • Option to bring two horses per rider beginning with the second clinic (additional stalling fee)
    • Option for a lesson on our trained horse beginning at the third clinic
    • Additional opportunities flexible with student goals (some students may go to shows with us)

What will the schedule be like?

As this will be a recurring series we will work with you to fit these recurring two-day clinics into your schedule. 

  • series of 2-day clinics 
  • limited to 1-2 riders
  • no MINIMUM or MAXIMUM number of clinics required

An example schedule would be:

  • March 12-13- $1,500
  • May 14-15 -$1,500
  • June 18-19--$1,500
  • July 16-17 ----$1,500
  • flexible schedule-return as often as needed to fit your goals and schedule (someone might come twice a year and another might come six times per year-you decide)
  • clinic times available on weekdays or weekends.
  • It is not required to space returns at one-month intervals, you may schedule your dates on a flexible schedule. It may also be possible for you to stay for additional days in a row depending on your unique situation. (example: traveling from a very long distance)

If you have questions about the possible dates or scheduling possibilities, please email westfallhorsemanship@gmail.com with advancing clinic in the subject line.   

You will be allowed to submit a video showing your current riding level and questions. 

If this interests you and you would like more information, feel free to email westfallhorsemanship@gmail.com.

Deposit and Payment not required with the application, only after acceptance. Upon acceptance, a $500.00 deposit is required to secure your spot.


Question: I don't really understand the schedule? How often can I come? How often should I come?

Answer: People have different goals and different work schedules and this clinic series is designed to work with that.

One person might come for two days in March, again in June, and a final time in August. Another person may elect to come once a month for six months in a row. Yet another may return every other month year round.

After applying you will have a phone call with Stacy to discuss your goals. You can even attend the first clinic and then decide on your frequency after that.

Question: When are you available?

We have taught these clinics year-round (providing the road access is open in the winter).

Dates are often available during the week, for example on Tuesday/Wednesday but sometimes weekends are open too. The best thing to do is to email your desired dates and see how that fits with our current schedule.

If you have a very limited availability you would be advised to book the dates that work best for you in advance to secure those dates and ensure the schedule you desire. Once your deposit is received your dates are guaranteed. 

Question: I'm interested in learning more about showing...could I go to a show with you?

Answer: Yes. Students who attend a clinic could schedule the date to line up with also attending a show. If you have an interest in attending a reining, ranch riding, or western dressage show with a coach this is your chance. There are separate fees involved in attending a show, please email for more information.





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