I help riders understand, enjoy, and successfully train their own horses.

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You Deserve to Enjoy Your Time with Your Horse

The Resourceful Rider Program is open for enrollment now... but will close February 20, 2024.

To learn more about how the program can help you and your horse, click the link below.

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    Train your own horse with Confidence


    Transform doubt into confidence.

    Do you have a nagging feeling that you could achieve more with your horse…but you’re not sure what the next step is?

    Does training your own horse feel overwhelming at times?

    Have you found yourself thinking ‘just being with my horse’ is enough…but you wish you could also have more?

    I have faced all of these issues at some point on my own journey. Thankfully, I found solutions and I want to share them with you!

    What would change if you felt doubt creeping in... but you had a plan for how to overcome it?

    What if next time you headed to the barn…and things didn’t go as planned…and you felt curious and open instead of frustrated?

    What would it be like to consistently reach the goals that mean the most to you?

    Inside my program, The Resourceful Rider, I teach riders how to manage their minds around riding, how to clarify their cue systems, and a lot more.

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