I help riders become confident, communicate clearly and get results with their horses.

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Train your own horse with Confidence

Stacy Westfall and Willow

Transform doubt into confidence.

Do you have a nagging feeling that you could achieve more with your horse…but you’re not sure what the next step is?

Does training your own horse feel overwhelming at times?

Have you found yourself thinking ‘just being with my horse’ is enough…but you wish you could also have more?

I have faced all of these issues at some point on my own journey. Thankfully, I found solutions and I want to share them with you!

What would change if you felt doubt creeping in... but you had a plan for how to overcome it?

What if next time you headed to the barn…and things didn’t go as planned…and you felt curious and open instead of frustrated?

What would it be like to consistently reach the goals that mean the most to you?

Join me on my upcoming live webinar. That's right...not a recording. There will not be a replay.

Date: Dec 4, 2021 01:00 PM Eastern Time, (Noon CT/11am MT/ 10am PT/ 9am AKST)

Topic: The Rider's Mind: Building Relationship and Improving Results with Your Horse

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AQHA Journal story on Stacy Westfall!

Stacy Westfall laughs, humbly, explaining how she almost didn’t get up the nerve to reach out to legendary three-day eventer Denny Emerson. She’d had her horses on the East Coast and thought maybe she could stop by his farm in Vermont while she was nearby. Eventing isn’t necessarily in Stacy’s wheelhouse, but horses and learning are. After a gracious invitation from Denny–because, really, who wouldn’t want Stacy to come to their barn?–she gave a mini clinic to Denny’s working students, and then he asked her to hop aboard one of his horses to play with counting strides to a jump...

About Stacy

Growing up, I shared a love of horses with my mother but neither of us knew what we were doing. Over the years we dealt with horses that wouldn’t load into trailers, wouldn’t pick up their leads and wouldn’t stand still to be mounted. I fell off more times than I could count and was bitten, stepped on and run away with before I was old enough to drive a car. There were many, many good times too. My favorite childhood memories all involve horses (and one ornery pony.)

It took me years to develop to the point where I became a successful competitor in a male-dominated industry. The beauty of this is that it proved that true strength is a mental game more than a physical one.

I believe in creating win-win-win relationships. I can show you how to reach your goals faster if you’re willing to put in the work. Whether you love trail riding, have goals of showing or would someday love to understand bridleless riding, I can show you the way.

…and yes I still clean stalls.