Stacy’s Stuff: ROPE HALTER

A rope halter is my first choice when training a horse during groundwork.

In this quick video, I want to show you four halters you would find if you walked into my barn. You would find:
* leather halters (adjustable and non adjustable)
* quick catch halter (fits many sizes, good for quickly leading)
* nylon halter (adjustable and non adjustable)
* rope halter (more narrow, more clear signal)


I use rope halters during training because it has a different 'signal'. The halter is more narrow than the flat nylon or leather and horses tend to be less likely to pull on it.

I remember decades ago when it was common for people to use a chain on the lead rope to encourage the horse to not pull. I am happy that with the rise of rope halters there has been a decrease in the use of chains.

When selecting a rope halter be aware that some are much more difficult to tie because of the rope material. Some rope halters are made with very large rope which is not only more difficult to tie but also changes the 'signal' because of the changed width.

rope 500x350

Where to purchase:

Rope halters are available in different sizes and colors.

Stagecoach West -click here to visit the page with halters

Great people who know horses.

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