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No. You shouldn’t get a job doing something you love.

I love photography. I have my whole life.  In high school I won photo contests. That was back in the days before digital when you had to either really plan your shots…or spend a ton of money developing film. During my wedding planning I budgeted more for photos than any other area. I still have…

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Who needs insurance for their horse?

Who needs insurance for their horse? This is the question that I asked and insurance agent. What do you think he said? I was expecting him to say “everyone” but to my surprise he didn’t.  His answer was, “If you can’t write a check to replace the horse, then you should consider insurance.” Hum, this…

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How long did you ride while you were pregnant?

“Stacy, I know you have 3 boys, and I was just wondering how long you rode while you were pregnant. Did you compete, or was it more riding for pleasure?Thanks, and I look forward to hearing your response!”-Sharli “Stacy, Just wondering what ideas you might have for a pregnant gal to keep her horse in shape for…

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