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Horseback riding among the giant saguaro cactus in Arizona

As we travel around the southwest this winter we have been staying at different places where we can both keep our horses and hook up our motor home. This time we stopped at the ‘Lost Cowboy Ranch’ in Scottsdale, Arizona. The owners, Brian and Susan Bowers, were great hosts and gave us great advice about…

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The first night in our new home…motor home that is!

While moving out of our home in January I had to admit that I had a small problem with totes. Now, eight months later, as we moved into our Fleetwood, I somehow managed to convince my husband that I needed…more TOTES! I think he might remember my previous tote obsession because he tentatively asked ‘how…

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Your Opinion: Pros and Cons of buying an RV

Your brain power is needed! Please add your comments on the pros and cons of owning an RV. With all the moving around we are doing after selling our house most people are surprised that we don’t have some kind of RV. But we don’t. At least not yet. The idea of an RV is…

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