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When I die, I want my horses to….

How would you finish this sentence? Over the years I have had several concerned owners tell me their plans or ask for my advice…but in most cases I think that the issue goes largely undiscussed. About a month ago I met a man who had recently bought a very nice, very well trained horse from…

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Who needs insurance for their horse?

Who needs insurance for their horse? This is the question that I asked and insurance agent. What do you think he said? I was expecting him to say “everyone” but to my surprise he didn’t.  His answer was, “If you can’t write a check to replace the horse, then you should consider insurance.” Hum, this…

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Should I sell my horse?

Breaking Up is Hard to Do….an article I wrote as published in Americas Horse magazine. By Stacy Westfall There’s no doubt that some of the happiest moments of horse ownership come when you take delivery of that new horse.  It’s kind of like infatuation —easy to see all the great things about the new partner,…

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