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Food stuck to my face…if only I had hands!

Newt was clearly wishing to snack on this…but he just couldn’t catch it! The things you see around the barn! I’m not sure if we will ever have a comedian quite like Newt…although his younger brother Lincoln and my rescue pony Presto might give it a shot!

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What type of hay do you feed your horse?

I had to laugh when we drove by this sign “May Heaven be as green as alfalfa.” One of the interesting things about traveling around the country is seeing the differences in horse keeping, including differences in hay. It makes sense that climate differences would change what grows well which in turn changes what is available.…

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Traveling with horses, hay, meeting nice people

Moving around the country with horses is a challenge. Without horses we could stop at any gas station, any restaurant or any coffee shop. With horses we are limited on our parking, we must find diesel fuel and at night the horses need a place to stay. There are other things to consider such as how…

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