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50%-75% off DVD's

On Dec 1st this system will be deleted and many of these products will be gone!


60% off Sale!

9 DVD set

This DVD set includes:

  • Basic Groundwork 2 DVD Set
  • Starting Young Horses 2 DVD Set
  • Whoa - Teach Your Horse to Stop DVD
  • Basic Body Control 2 DVD Set
  • Bridleless Riding DVD
  • Teaching Your Horse to Bow DVD
  • and Chase Your Dreams DVD is also included!

Individually these DVDs have sold by the thousands and were priced at Basic Groundwork 2 DVD Set$50Starting Young Horses 2 DVD Set$50Whoa - Teach Your Horse to Stop DVD$50,Basic Body Control 2 DVD Set$50Bridleless Riding DVD-$30,Teaching Your Horse to Bow DVD$20,Chase Your Dreams DVD$20

How much does one riding lesson cost? $50? $85? $200?

The lessons taught in this set are worth well above the price. Watch and listen the first with the sound muted the second time so you look more for the body language!

The store will be shut down for these tomorrow, December 1st!

$210.00 $84.00 

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Basic Groundwork
$49.99 $20.00 - Free Shipping


WHOA! Teaching Your
Horse to Stop DVD & free GROUNDWORK DVD
$49.99 $20.00 - Free Shipping

75% off Sale!


This product sold out!

Check out the 60% off Compact Disk Set!

Get all of Stacy Westfall's DVDs for 75% OFF the retail price of $400...including her award-winning book!

These DVD's have taught people to ride bridleless, teach their horses to bow, to win in the show pen...and to enjoy heading down the trail.

On December 1st, this sales system will be deleted and this product will no longer be available.


Q: Which DVD do you recommend?
A: It depends on your goals.
Basic Groundwork and Teaching the Bow both focus on groundwork exercises. Both use horses with different levels of training, including horses that have never done the exercises.
Basic Body Control teaches the rider how to control the horse's head/shoulders/hips independently and in combinations. It is the best videos for ridden exercises such as bending, counter-bending and moving hips.
Whoa focuses on teaching the horse to stop. It is very detailed and shows horses in various stages. If you want to improve your stop…this is the DVD for you.
The Bridleless Riding DVD shows the cue system that Stacy uses to cue all of the advanced bridleless movements. She shows you how to control the horses speed, transition from one gait to another and steer…all without the reins. She shows how she cues for lead departures, rollback and sliding stops. This is an excellent video for understanding what is possible and how the overall bridleless cue system works together to create the bridleless rides shown at the beginning of the video.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the individual DVD's are now sold out, however, many are contained in the Compact Set or the 14 DVD's plus a book set. Click here to view both.

Q: When does the sale end?
A: Monday, December 1st. On this day the sales system will be deleted and many of these products will no longer be available.

Q: Why are they being discontinued?
A: The content of these DVD’s is still very relevant…but the clothing styles are not, lol. Stacy is moving her content into digital courses and will discontinue these DVD’s.

Q: Which DVD comes with the ‘Buy One, Get One for $20’ sale?
A: You select the primary video you want to purchase and then Stacy will add a bonus DVD to your order!
The extra DVD will be another one of Stacy’s teaching DVD’s (Groundwork, Body Control, Whoa, Bridleless, Teaching the Bow, or Foundations for a Lifetime)


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