Let's Ride Together... Foundation & Advancing Clinics

Are you achieving the results you’ve been dreaming of with your horse?

Whether you are unclear about the training process or have the desire to take your understanding to the next level, we can help.

Come and experience hands-on learning. We will explain the full process, identify where you are stuck, and give you exercises to advance.

We welcome people who have been learning for years as well as those who are newer.


Self Study Courses

Available for the first time in digital format, this valuable library of training material can be easily accessed from any digital device so you can conveniently watch, learn, and do!

Online Coaching Programs

Coming Soon! This product is currently available to people participating in the Advancing Clinic series as a way to keep advancing between clinics. Contact Stacy if you would like more info.

Stacy Westfall's barn

VIP - Spend the Day with Stacy

Coming Soon! Contact Stacy if you would like more info.