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Episode 45: Whoa! Teaching Your Horse to Stop.

It’s important to be able to stop safely when riding. Having your horse understand different cues for stop can make riding more safe and make the rider more confident. In this episode, I explain the three cues I use for stopping my horse and the magic that it creates when the horse understands all three.…

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Do horses get dizzy when they are learning to spin?

Teaching a horse to spin reminds me of a person learning to dance. There are many steps and stages that the horse moves through. The spin begins by improving steering in general and then gets gradually more refined. During the learning process the horse will make ‘mistakes’ which are really just the process of learning.…

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Peace is a Journey, Not a Destination

I have talked quite a bit about traveling to see the country with our boys and because we are looking for the area of the country we would like to live in but there is another reason that runs with these. We also know that there are people out there that we would like to…

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A Horses View: The good and the bad

Dear Diary, Hello Diary, this is my first time doing this but with all of my traveling I want to make sure I remember it all. The good and the bad. The first good thing I want to remember is my first time swimming. It was scary at first because the ground was all squishy…

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What is 'feel' and can you teach it? Jac Review Week

Here are three questions I received about the Jac series; Can you see how they are related? “On episode 6 you talk about when he let you know you were “boring” and it was time to step up the training… What are some signs they give us to let us know they are ready for…

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What is the difference between a sliding stop and just a stop?

“I have probably a silly question, coming from another breed/discipline. Never thought of doing stops before I watched Stacy with Jac. When Stacy emphasized some of Jacs physical qualities, I was encouraged thinking about my horse’s ability to try it. My Paso Fino has a really good build on him (lots of Andalusian closer in…

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