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Visiting Craig’s hut & The Man from Snowy River location

Five days at a horse expo means five days of seeing horses, touching horses and talking horses. You would think that after it ended the desire to look for horses would diminish but…nope. To finish our time here in Australia we did pick some things that were slightly less related to horses. Maybe. First up…

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The Incredible Ride by Carli (Thomas) Heringer

The expectant fans held their breath As she quietly entered the pen With a calm in her heart and a prayer on her lips She proceeded to do her spins * First to the right, then to the left Her horse most eager to please Planted a foot and spun around Completing the maneuver with…

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Roxy’s Nephew- Newt

By the time I take horses to expos with me, I take for granted that everyone knows who they are. For me, I have been working with them so long that they feel like part of the family. Take Newt for instance. I call him Nephew Newt because his mother is a full sister to…

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